About me


About me

FAT –  UGLY – STUPID. That was what I saw from the mirror before. My self-image was twisted and I was my own worst enemy. I compared myself to others, and I didn’t value my own uniqueness. Because I didn’t feel I was enough, I had difficulties being around others. 


The first yoga classes that I took a few years ago made me aware of my situation. The way I talk to myself, defines my self-esteem. Yoga gave me the tools finding that missing mind and body connection. That was where the self-acceptance began. It happened slowly, that I noticed the change. The same person is still looking back at me from the mirror, but now there is a smile on my face and sparkle in my eyes!


My intention as a yoga teacher is to share all the benefits I am receiving from my practice.

I completed RYT200h yoga teacher training in Spain 2017 with Happy Jack Yoga Team. I am proudly spreading that happiness around me. 


You and I together will bring your inner power to your own hands, so that you can do anything with that belief in yourself!