About me - Saga

FAT –  UGLY – STUPID. That was what I saw from the mirror before. My self-image was twisted and I was my own worst enemy. I compared myself to others, and I didn’t value my own uniqueness. Because I didn’t feel I was enough, I had difficulties being around others. 


The first yoga classes that I took a few years ago made me aware of my situation. The way I talk to myself, defines my self-esteem. Yoga gave me the tools finding that missing mind and body connection. That was where the self-acceptance began. It happened slowly, that I noticed the change. The same person is still looking back at me from the mirror, but now there is a smile on my face and sparkle in my eyes!


My intention as a yoga teacher is to share all the benefits I am receiving from my practice.

I completed RYT200h yoga teacher training in Spain 2017 with Happy Jack Yoga Team. I am proudly spreading that happiness around me. 


You and I together will bring your inner power to your own hands, so that you can do anything with that belief in yourself!



Julia Hackzell

”I started my yoga journey as a 15-year old when I took my first “real” asana class with Jani Jaatinen, and immediately fell in love with the physical practice. I never knew that it would lead me to what my heart loves the most; sharing yoga with others.


The year of 2015 I graduated as a 200-hr Vinyasa and Hatha yoga teacher where I studied with Carlotta Castangia in Sanur, Bali. Shortly after the training I moved to Palawan, the Philippines to work as a yoga teacher at a detox centre. After this I’ve been teaching in Sweden, Iceland, and now, Finland. My home-country.

I finished my 300-hr Vinyasa teacher training at Sampoorna Yoga in Goa India, November of 2017. I’m always looking for ways to expand my knowledge as a yoga teacher. I want to inspire and have something to offer to everyone who comes to my classes. 


I strongly believe that yoga is for everyone, and that yoga is so much more than the physical practice. It is something you take with you when you step off your mat. Applying yoga to my everyday life has helped me to heal, to accept the past, move forwards and to live in the moment. It guides me through even the darkest moments of life and gives me strength to stay in the fire and breathe. For me yoga is everything, my practice is where I find space to breathe, grow and heal. The mat is where I found my way to self love.


I strive to help you find a stronger connection to yourself, to move dynamically and to feel each moment as it is. I desire to bring people back to the practice of self love and to create a space for healing to happen. 


Come to my classes to enjoy, have fun and to surrender yourself into the journey of life!”